European Criterium figure skating

European Criterium is a tournament of competitions in figure skating for Juniors and younger categories in accordance with the rules of the ISU.

It is the 37th edition of the European Criterium competition tournament with the goal of promoting figure skating and providing opportunity for younger generations from different countries to meet on the competitions. In the 2024/2025 competition season five different city in five different countries will host one of the competitions in the following order: Celje, Belgrade, Sofia, Bucuresti and Folgaria. The tournament is not only an opportunity for the skaters to compare themselves on the field, but they also can meet new friends and visit fascinating and historical locations from different cultures. In the locations there are capital cities and smaller towns as well as beautiful ski resorts. The essence of the European Criterium tournament, with an increasing number of participants from year to year is to constantly improve the technical standard and to give an opportunity for participants to get to know each other and make new friends. We hope that you will enjoy the experience and wish you all the best until we meet again at the next stop.

Leadership of tournament: Mr. Francesco Aceti, Mrs. Nadejda Hodjeva, Mrs. Vesna Rakovic, Mr. Ivan Pfeifer